Launching Your Business: A Simple 1-Week Plan

7 days of free advice to build your business from the ground up:

  • Learn how to come up with great ideas
  • Spot opportunities in the market
  • Turn your ideas into a real business
  • Launch your business fast, to see if people like it

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Who is this training for?

If you have no idea yet: We'll help you brainstorm and develop a winning business concept.

If starting a business seems confusing: We'll make it simple and give you a clear plan for your journey.

Your desire to launch your business is stagnating - and we'll explain why.

You've read a lot of advice from 'experts.'

Still, even with all this advice, you feel stuck.

You can't find any good ideas and this makes you feel down.

Your excitement is slowing down - it feels like the world has decided to ignore your dreams.

Talking about money hurts more - you've already lost some in a past project...

Oddly enough, it's not because you don't have advice. In fact, you have so much information that it's making things confusing!

So how do you know which strategy will work for you?

We've been in your place... and we know what it's like to be surrounded by too much information and see nothing good come out of it.

Take a Step Back

Here's what we can do for you: in the next 7 days, you'll feel better.

We will finally help you answer your questions:

  • How to find a good idea? (we'll teach you an easy way)
  • What are 7 easy steps to start your business? (and it's simpler than you think)
  • How to get your first buyer without being pushy? - easy selling for your new business

To receive these answers, all you have to do is click here.

Who we are:

Welcome to Checkmyidea-IA.

We're pioneers in using advanced AI technology to help aspiring entrepreneurs, startup studios, and small businesses, turning simple ideas into successful businesses.

Our dream is to make it possible for anyone, anywhere, to start their own business.

Discover a simple and clear strategy to launch your business:

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